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At Book Worms Tutoring, our tutors are regular students just like you. There is no pressure being placed on you. This is a company where your tutors will become your friends and will help you get through your semester.

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About Book Worms Tutoring

Who We Are

We believe in helping students get the information they need without them feeling the stress or embarrassment of asking a question in front of a hundred people on a Zoom lecture. Book Worms was created to help students learning stay on path through this pandemic.



Transformative Academia

Test Prep

Don't get caught cramming last minute. We'll help you get prepared for all exams in advance so you won't have to panic the night before.


Time Management

Time management is the most important thing when it comes to being a college student. Maximizing your time as well as being efficient is key to reaching the academic heights you want to achieve. We'll help you plan out study time and homework hours into your already packed schedule.

Adult Students

College Lifestyle

You can also schedule lectures on college lifestyle safety. We want to prevent the dangers of drugs, alcohol, gambling and unprotected sex from ruining the lives of young women and men. We encourage all fraternities and sororities to ask about this special feature.

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